Led wiring harness for off road lights


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Complete Plug and Play wire harness for LED Work Lights and Off Road Light Bars. Includes weatherproof On/Off switch with LED indicator, fuse, automotive relay with solderless spade connections, and DT pigtail adapters. Kits have maximum load of 15 Amps (7.5 Amps per each channel). Wiring harness is only for 12V products

This wiring harness was custom built with an extra long switch wire so in can be fed into the cab on either driver side or passenger side and still be long enough to reach where needed without splicing

Product Details:


Includes DT connector

Plug wire 9.5  feet  ea

Switch wire 13 feet

15 Amps

2 yr warranty





Snow Plows

Construction Equipment

Emergency Vehicles

Dune Buggies

Off-Road Vehicles




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